At Mind Fuel Daily, we’re always on the lookout for new and beautiful inspirations. Recently, we’ve come across the mantra, “Sky above me, earth below me, fire within me.” Moved by its references to natural surroundings, we’ve broken down all its poetic elements to delve deeper into the meaning of this saying.

Sky Above Me

The sky above represents limitless potential and endless opportunities. Keeping a broad mind and open heart means we stay constantly on the lookout for new adventures. Life is full of possibilities so long as we are open to them.   

Earth Below Me

Dirt beneath our feet shows that we are grounded and feel solid in our foundations. Having steady ground to walk on means we are certain in every step and that we feel comfortable to take risks.

Fire Within Me

A flame inside of us points to all the ways that we burn with passion, curiosity, and love. These are the parts deep within that no one can dull or put out. Keep moving and let us keep the sparks inside of us constantly ignited!

Where you stand in relation to your surroundings can help you navigate the path you walk on. These phrases draw from the earth’s elements to help us be the best version of ourselves.