Loyalty is a funny thing – or maybe its us who are the funny ones. We are fiercely loyal to our favorite sports team even when that team is on a losing streak. We stay loyal to our political party even when the candidates enact laws that take away our jobs and put us in the welfare line. We remain loyal to their favorite brands despite recalls and inflated costs.

But the people in our life, the people – when they say a single word amiss or make an innocent mistake all loyalty is thrown out the window. Why is it that loyalty is so strong in the superficial relationships in our lives but when things get personal that loyalty is tossed aside and forgotten.

Where did we go wrong? When did it become OK to put more stock in things that care one whit about us and cast aside those who do? When did it become acceptable to hold decades long grudges against brothers and sisters over such trivial things as divvying up a deceased parent’s belongings?

Why do we find it easier to be loyal to a fast food restaurant than to be loyal to the humans in our lives?

Let loyalty be a guiding force, bring it back into vogue so that is actually means something to more than marketers and politicians.

Your thoughts?

Resurrecting loyalty is a beginning – and reviving integrity will most certainly soon follow.