Removing Doubts to Improve Your Intention Success

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One of the difficulties in manifesting your intentions is convincing your mind and body that you can have what you asked for. Your system may not have the resources to fully accept your intention. Allowing yourself to receive the manifested intention is necessary to make it happen. Here is a technique to get yourself aligned with having the intention and remove any blocks preventing it from happening.

Facing the Impossible

Imagine putting out the intention that you will double your income in the next year. Try saying “I will double my income over the next 12 months” and tune in to what your body tells you. It likely responded with “Yea, right, that’s impossible!” or “Who are you kidding!” This is because many people don’t have a reference point to show them that it can happen.

Another type of response you might receive is something like “I’m too old to see that kind of change in my income” or “I don’t have the skills to increase my income that quickly.” All of these responses create doubt that your intention will manifest and you’re done with the race before you get off the starting line.

Making the Impossible Probable

To turn these beliefs around, you need to create reference points that prove to your system that your intention is possible. You do this by creating statements that allow you to receive the intention. Examples of allowing statements that reverse your doubt include:

  • “There are people in the world who have doubled their income in 12 months.”
  • “There are people in the world my age who have doubled their income in a year.”
  • “There are people in the world who have tapped into their hidden talents to increase their income.”
  • “If other people in the world can double their income, then so can I.”

These phrases give your mind something to think about. You may have to go back and forth until your system admits the possibility that your intention can manifest. For example:

  • You: “There are people my age in the world who have manifested additional income.”
  • Your mind: “You are too old to increase your income.”
  • You: “People older than me in the world have increased their income.”
  • Your mind: “Your age is a barrier to receiving more income.”
  • You: “People in the world my age and older who have increased their income found that age was not a factor.”

This technique helps your system shift its belief from “This can’t happen” to “This is likely to happen.” You’ll have some creative conversations with your mind to change your doubts. But with each manifestation success, your mind will have a first-hand experience from which to draw and believe in the intention.

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