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It is so easy to get caught up in our heads. And who can blame us? As the writer David Foster Wallace once said, our default mode of thinking tends to place our ego at the center of the world, to see our needs as that world’s sole priority.
Obviously, we need to meet our needs. But when we let ourselves get sucked into the whirlpool of our own swimming thoughts, we forget about those around us.
More so, we miss out.
Here are a few thoughts on breaking the mindset of “Me First.” Use some of that energy you might spend stressing or ruminating and channel it into the wellbeing of others.

We Rise by Lifting Others

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” Anne Frank.
We grow and learn best when we focus outside ourselves. Strive to help others and you see that the riches accumulate, the riches that truly matter; compassion, generosity, patience. You will find that by giving, you gain wisdom about others, the world, and yourself.

Inspire Someone Today

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” William James.  
It really doesn’t take much to lift others up. Today, decide to make a move. Start small. Smile. Ask questions. Listen intently. Do a little extra something for someone. Do it without being asked. Give a few minutes of your time and be generous with patience. Someone will notice. If they don’t, simply revel in the pleasure that comes from doing small good deeds. 

You Will Never Regret Being Kind

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” The Dalai Lama.
Compassion is not always easy, but it is always possible. And more importantly, it is always the better option, the one you will never second-guess. You can walk by a missed opportunity to give of yourself, or you can take a chance. Losing a few moments of your time is nothing, but a lost moment to truly connect through kindness is something you can’t get back.

Take the time to give of yourself. In return, your world, your mindset, and your heart, will expand.  

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