Welcome to Meditation 101. Here are three essential, simplepurposes behind the practical art of finding peace in every moment.

1. Clears the Mind
Meditation helps bring clarity to our daily thoughtpatterns. When we meditate, we begin to view all thoughts as simply thoughts.With practice, we can learn to accept “good” and “bad” thoughts equally,letting each one come and go naturally without attaching labels to them.

2. Calms the Body
Meditation helps anchor the physical being so the mind isfree to focus. Deep breathing in meditation helps relax the muscles, whileextended sitting encourages good posture, enhancing flexibility and stamina. Meditationcan also lead to lower levels of anxiety and stress, conditions that affect ourphysical and mental wellness.

3. Centers the Spirit
Meditation helps center our total being in the absolutepresent moment. For some, meditation can be a deeply spiritual experience,helping to fill everyday existence with greater significance. And for others,meditation can be a much needed reminder to stop running around and simply sitstill once in a while, centering ourselves.

Meditation can be a great starting point for discoveringpeace and meaning in daily life. As with any restorative activity, meditationtakes time and patience; go slowly, remember to breathe, and whenever you feelyour practice becoming overly complicated – return to these three simpleelements.