Mindful Practices: Pre-Smartphone Activities to Bring Back

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For better or worse, technology has transformed our lives at warp speed. And while we can’t go back to the days before smartphones, we can revive some of the activities that got left by the wayside. Let’s bring these “old-fashioned” pastimes and methods back!

Writing Letters By Hand

Who doesn’t love receiving hand-written mail? No, writing letters is not as immediate as texting or email. But there’s a steady and slow enjoyment that comes from sitting down with a pen and writing a heartfelt greeting. Writing letters by hand is a chance to stop and really think about what you want to say. An added perk? It’s an excuse to use pretty stationary and cool, colorful pens.

Discovering Places On Foot

Apps for finding stores and restaurants make it so that we can immediately go straight to dinner or find what we need at a local merchant: no wasting time wandering the neighborhood. But they also take away the spontaneity of discovering new places. Once, we might have ambled into a store or restaurant simply because we happened to walk by. We didn’t know what we were in for, and that turned everyday experiences into surprises. Next time you’re in a new area, opt to explore!

Developing Photos

Who could deny the anticipation that came with waiting for film to be developed? And when it was finally done, you got to hold the tangible results in your hand. You could post photos on the fridge, send them to loved ones, or create albums. See if there are any photos on your phone or laptop that you might want to send to a printer: you’ll be surprised at how good it feels to thumb through physical prints instead of scrolling a screen!

Looking Up Information in Books

These days, anything you want to know can be found in a matter of seconds. Most of the time that’s a huge time-saver (and sometimes an actual life saver). But looking up certain pieces of info- i.e. random facts, important dates, or historical figures- in books is a chance to browse and discover far more than you intended. In the quest to find answers, we stumble on lots of other information in the process. While the internet can still send us on a fun research spiral, it’s not the same thrill that comes with hunting down facts in the pages of an encyclopedia or reference book.

Are there any activities that you miss doing? Let us know!

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