Positive Inspiration – Nothing is Impossible

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Mind Fuel Daily was founded to help readers find inspiration and purpose in every day. We believe that each person is capable of finding his or her best life here, in the present moment, and our mission is to provide the spark that moves you to positive action and thought.

Dreams are vital in this life. They give us hope, a destination to aim for. When we dream of what might be, we are one step closer to what we might become. And the only force stopping us is our own mind.

As Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho writes, “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”

When we ditch the attachment to fear and doubt, we suddenly see that everything is possible. All we have to do is go one step at a time, trusting in our natural abilities and instincts to guide us towards whatever it is we are chasing.

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