“The least movement is of importance to all nature. The entire ocean is affected by a pebble.” (Blaise Pascal)

Today we’re sharing a simple mantra for making life count – do small things with great intention.

The message is simple – but like any mantra, its energy is strengthened when we repeat it and live it continuously.

Here are a few small ways these six words can change your day:

Making small moments matter. Living with intention is about awakening to the present moment – and realizing that life, even in quiet times, is a pretty spectacular thing to be a part of.

Making relationships meaningful. We can choose to see our connections as just drops in the ocean ­– or we can choose to see every single interaction as an encounter with the spark of human life.

Making it a mission to have a mission. We don’t have to find ways to change the world each day. But we can live with intention in our actions, with the purpose of improving our immediate surroundings as we journey.

As the Zen story goes, the wave is freed when it realizes it is part of the sea. Let go of all that cannot be changed, and focus all intensity on what you can control.