Play, Laugh, Live: Messages from Childhood

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When we were kids, we approached the world with a mindset that was genuine and free of complications. The lessons we learned were succinct and straightforward. Now more than ever, you might feel that you could benefit from the simple wisdoms you acquired in childhood. To help you break through a culture of buzzing devices and constant noise, we’ve highlighted some basic tenets that your inner child might implore you to remember. 


Remember when you were a kid how important it was to play? You did it without second-guessing and without doubt. You didn’t even have to think about it! You simply immersed yourself in your imagination and lost track of time. No matter what play looks like to you (sports, reading, crafts, games), don’t let it fall by the wayside simply because you are older.

Take Naps

Anyone with children knows what happens when little ones go without nap-time. A tired child is a cranky child. The same holds true when we grow up. You may not need a designated nap-time (or maybe you do!), but like kids, we are happier and healthier when we feel rested. Sleep is necessary, but resting is important.

Eat Your Veggies

When you were little, you may have not enjoyed eating your veggies, but you were better off for it. As adults, it is easy to indulge when Mom or Dad isn’t around to tell us what to eat (pancakes for dinner!). But sticking to the simple nutritional guidelines we learned as kids is a way to make sure we are nourished and healthy as grownups.  


When you were a kid, you giggled when something was funny, without reservation or hesitation. Laughter came easily and quickly, right from the heart of your belly! As adults, we are so immersed in our own heads. We spend so much time trying to control our emotions that we forget to loosen up and let ourselves experience joy. Relax a little and just laugh!

Be Curious

Children ask questions, unabashedly and relentlessly. They always say, “Why?” Of course, “Why?” is then followed by another “Why?” and then…yet another! As grownups, we sometimes like to think we know everything. We make assumptions or judgments based on mere observation. But there is so much we don’t know, there is so much to learn. And there always will be. Keep wondering and keep asking questions.

Marvel at the World

From snowflakes to bumblebees to animals at the zoo, children see everything with fresh eyes. They have endless fascination for what they encounter. As we grow up, it can become second nature to approach everything with a blasé attitude. See the world as a child might see it. Let yourself be impressed. After all, the world truly is remarkable.

It’s Okay To Be Scared

When you were a kid, what were you afraid of? Monsters? The Dark? Thunderstorms? When children are scared, they don’t feel ashamed of their fears. They reach out hoping to be comforted. As adults, we are no less scared than when we were children. Instead, our fears take on different forms. It’s still okay to reach out, to seek another’s comfort or guidance.

Say Thank You

Your parents probably drilled it into you as a child. Saying thank you may have been something you learned to do out of respect and politeness. But it was always quick, simple, and easy. And it still is! Now you are in a place to say thank you with intention and gratitude. Show gratitude everyday for blessings big and small.

The wisdom of childhood has no expiration date! You may have grown up, but you don’t have to grow old.

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