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If you haven’t heard, Pinterest is a digital scrapbook with an endless array of images that change every day. You use the site by “pinning” an image onto a virtual board that you create in order to view it later. No matter what speaks to your spirit, nature, great art or amazing gardens, you’ll find it on Pinterest. Here are a few ideas for using Pinterest to lift your spirit and stay inspired to achieve your goals:

  1. Start a “Spiritual Inspiration” board. With one search of the term “spiritual inspiration” on the Pinterest site you’ll find hundreds of inspiring quotes and ideas for enriching your spiritual life. Take advantage of Pinterest’s “learn more” link that pops up when you scroll over the bottom of an image. This allows you to easily connect with blogs and other websites that interest you.
  2. If travel makes your spirit soar but time or budget constraints have temporarily clipped your wings, live out your travel dreams at Pinterest. Along with photos there are also plenty of tips to encourage the timid or budget-conscious traveler. A few minutes pinning images onto your travel board can make the day’s worries melt away and help you plan the trip of your dreams.
  3. Make a digital vision board. Vision boards are visual reminders of your goals and resolutions. Many people use them to set goals at the beginning of a new year or at other important times of life. A traditional vision board is usually made from poster board and images cut from magazines. By making a digital board on Pinterest instead you can easily change your board as your priorities change. It’s also much easier to flip through an electronic collection of visions boards than to keep poster boards year after year.
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