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Growth is a continual process of developing our minds, hearts and spirits to evolve into what we were meant to become. Growth is also a process of courage.

Here is a great quote from politician Frank A. Clark about challenging ourselves to step away from our comfort zones in order to truly grow.

“We find comfort among those who agree with us—growth among those who don’t” 

– Frank A. Clark

Our interpretation– those who challenge us help us in our transformation. But that’s just one way of reading it. Here are some of your own reactions to these words from the many responses shared on our facebook wall:

  • No one person has all of the answers. We always need a different perspective on things. Together we can see the complete picture.
  • It is VERY true that those most uncomfortable interactions and relationships often give us the practice we really need…usually patience, compassion and grace.
  • If we can open our hearts and minds to those of us that don’t agree with us, then growth can happen…but sometimes it’s not an easy thing to do!
  • People who stir emotions in us are the ones who test us to be better.
  • Agree, listening where we don’t want to hear is how we sharpen the skill of listening. It’s easy to hear what we want to hear. Just like the way to sharpen compassion is to focus it on your enemy.
  • How do any of us learn or experience anything in a new way if all we do is surround ourselves with people who think exactly or very closely to us?
  • It is on that basis I made it a rule no matter how irritated I became I would not unfriend anyone on FB
  • I never learned a single thing from a person who always agreed with me
  • Controversy can assuredly be a catalyst for growth.
  • maybe growth occurs when you can see both sides. may still not agree, but can get a better understanding where/why there is such a difference.

We all crave positive support and encouragement. But to truly grow in balance and gain an honest reckoning of our strengths and weaknesses (and learn to enhance them) we need to hear voices from time to time that don’t always agree with us.

Remember that personal growth never stops. There are countless ways to enhance your mental, emotional and physical well-being every day through small habits and changes in your perceptions.

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