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Swimming is a wonderful activity for strengthening your bodyand your mind. Unfortunately, its’ not always so wonderful for your hair andskin, especially when swimming in chlorinated water or in harsh outdoorsconditions. So here are a few pointers for protecting, hydrating and conservingyour complexion while still maintaining your swimming lifestyle!

1. Protect Your Skin
If you’re swimming outside, wear suntan lotion! A high-SPFsunscreen will prevent the kinds of sunburns that could make swimming verypainful. Apply lotion 20 minutes before you hit the water, and reapply everyhour afterwards.

2. Hydrate Your Hide
Beyond wearing sunscreen, it is equally important to hydratewith moisturizing lotion afterwards. When swimming on a regular basis, makesure to use lotion right after you dry off to prevent dry and cracked skincaused by sun and/or chlorine. Coconut oil can also be used before you swim topreserve skin’s natural moisture.

3. Hair Care
Chlorine destroys the natural oils in your hair, causing itto dry and frizz, and repeated exposure can even dry out the scalp. Usesilicone-based serums before swimming (and before putting on your swim cap) topreserve your hair’s natural moisture, and be sure to use hydrating shampoosand conditioners after each session.

4. Chlorine Smell
While the ocean might leave you smelling fresh and natural,chlorine makes your skin smell like chemicals after you step out of the pool.Use natural soaps and body washes each time you shower to fight off thechlorine tinge, and consider investing in a heavy duty loofah or scrubber.

One last tip: remember to drink plenty of water! Gettingenough H2O is just as essential to skin and hair health as using protectiveremedies and reparative lotions. Being adequately hydrated will also keep youswimming longer and stronger.


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