Gifts come to us in many forms. Some are tangible and others are fleeting. None the less, each gift affects us in some way. The smile of a small child or finding a $5 bill in the parking lot are both gifts. If we look at each day in its entirety, we see that we receive many such gifts. In some cases, the gifts come from another person. Other gifts show up out of the blue with little or no prompting.

Sharing our gifts is the key to fostering good will. Paying it forward allows us to do that. We receive gifts on a daily basis. Big or small, they are offered to us without condition. When the giving is one sided, the natural order of balance is disrupted. To re-establish a positive balance, we must learn to reciprocate.

When you reach out to help another person without expecting compensation in return, you set things in motion that helps to re-establish that sensitive balance. One small random act of kindness can be the one thing that brightens another person’s day. It can bring a smile to their face and make them think positive thoughts.

Look around as you move through your day. Learn to recognize the small gifts you receive. As you travel through your day, reach out to others. Share a smile, a touch or a handshake. Pay for the person’s lunch who is standing behind you or who is sitting in the next booth. For all the things you have received, give thanks by returning a small portion of that abundance back into the universe for others to enjoy.

How will you pay it forward today?