The use of automatic writing as part of a spiritual practice has been around for centuries. In the early 1900s, Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle writes that automatic writing appears to come from the subconscious or from outside spiritual energies. If you’ve never tried this technique, add it to your meditation and tarot work as another way to gain spiritual guidance.

The Basics of Automatic Writing

The goal of this technique is to get past the filters that your consciousness has in place and document the “raw” information that you receive during your meditation. Think of your “normal” meditation process as:

  1. Open your mind during your meditation to receive information and guidance.
  2. Think about and interpret what you received.
  3. Document your interpretation in your journal.

During an automatic writing session, you want to remove as much of that second step as possible and allow the words to just flow unfiltered out onto the paper.

Automatic Writing Steps

Start with a large pad of paper and comfortable pen or pencil. Initially, your writing could occur anywhere on the paper. If you continue the practice, you’ll be able to confine your writing to a smaller journal of your preference.

  1. Sit in a comfortable place, preferably where you normally do your meditation.
  2. Place the pad of paper where you can reach it. Hold the pen or pencil lightly with your hand resting on the paper.
  3. Begin to relax while holding the intention that, as you receive information and guidance, it will be directed to your hand to write it down.
  4. As you sense yourself getting messages, imagine them going directly to your hand and onto the paper.
  5. This is the hardest step – try not to think about the message when you get it – just send it on to your hand.
  6. When your hand starts moving, let it move however it wishes. You may find it easier to not look at your hand and paper.
  7. Some people find that starting to draw circles or squiggles on the paper is a good way to start the hand moving before it writes words.
  8. It’s important to not think about, interpret or judge what’s being written on the paper. Let the raw information be written and do your interpretation later.

Try this during a few meditation sessions and see if it becomes easier to let your hand start writing without thinking about the words. You may discover that you’re getting some interesting messages that your subconscious has been filtering out.