Nonprofits That Assist Women With Breast Cancer

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Thanks to the efforts of the American Cancer Society and other dedicated organizations, October marks the time of year when a heightened awareness of breast cancer is achieved by an upgrade in media coverage. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the ideal time for women to become more aware of the risks, detection and treatment of breast cancer. This is the time when women across the nation unite to offer education and support in their efforts to fight the second-leading cause of women’s deaths in the United States.

There are five lesser-known nonprofit organizations that also play dynamic roles in the lives of women who currently have or who are survivors of breast cancer. Each of these nonprofits offers services and support from alternative perspectives. The You Can Thrive! Foundation is one of them.

You Can Thrive! places its focus on facilitating services for underinsured breast cancer survivors. This organization offers affordable body-mind treatment modalities and other services to all breast cancer survivors, but it does so with the understanding that women who do not have adequate insurance coverage are often underserved. These women tend to fare worse than women who are fully covered by insurance, so You Can Thrive! makes a special effort to reach out to this particular demographic with understanding and compassion.

On the other side of the United States, The Shanti Project offers San Francisco clients help with breast cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. This nonprofit places emphasis on helping the homeless and those who are marginally housed. Among their many services, The Shanti Project offers a nice in-treatment facility and health counseling services for those who might not otherwise be able to afford this kind of help.

The All 4 One Alliance is a nonprofit that provides numerous services for breast cancer survivors nationwide. Noted for its focus on dignity and compassion, the Alliance helps underprivileged women receive post-mastectomy breast prostheses, wigs, meals and meal delivery and other services. Its goal is to help breast cancer survivors restore their normal lives.

Portland, Oregon, is home base for Sisters 4 Survivors, an organization that assists women with breast cancer by providing resources, fundraising events and other types of assistance. The nonprofit was founded by a breast cancer survivor who has dedicated her time and energy to help improve the lives of women who are dealing with the hardships of the disease.

WINGS, the acronym for “Women involved in nurturing, giving, sharing” is a nonprofit that provides comprehensive assistance to women from Central and South Texas. WINGS operates under the belief that everyone deserves a lifetime. The organization was started in 1999 and strives to meet the needs of women with breast cancer by providing diagnostic testing, help with chemotherapy expenses, surgery and other services, such as psychosocial counseling and outpatient medications. The medical director of WINGS is a board-certified medical surgeon who is dedicated to providing highest quality care to uninsured and underinsured Texas women who need this kind of help.

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