If you have been part of a couple for several years, you, as well as those around you, sometimes forget that you have an individual self. When the relationship ends, you are left adrift trying to figure out who you are and where you belong as an individual person. You no longer can rely on a significant other to help solidify your identity. You are left to discover yourself on a singular level.

The person you were before entering into the relationship no longer exists.

Things that you experienced during the relationship have changed you, fostering growth and offering new learning experiences. When the relationship ends, you have to take the time to get to know yourself on a completely new level. You are no longer one of two. Instead must learn to identify yourself on an individual level.

Learn to live on your own terms

Regaining a sense of self consists of taking stock of your values, understanding how you have changed and uncovering new strengths that have developed, both during the relationship as well as after it. Identify the things that motivate and inspire you. Cling to the things that give you hope.

The search for self is an ongoing process.

With each new experience, you continue to learn about who you are and what your purpose may be. When you can once again accept yourself as a unique and worthwhile individual, you have reached a point of understanding. It’s at that point you begin to move forward and once again assume control of your life.