Muscle Testing for a Healthier Life

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When you’re ready to embark on a path to a healthier lifestyle, you’ll find a bewildering number of choices as to what foods to eat, what exercise is best for you, and how to stretch your mind. Happily, you already possess the ability to make the best decisions for your body. Muscle testing, also called applied kinesthiology, is a technique that lets you tap into the internal wisdom of your body. By incorporating this technique into your daily decision-making, you’ll constantly make healthy choices for your body and mind. Here are a number of ways that you can use this invaluable tool.

Muscle Testing 101

The traditional approach used two people. One person held out an arm and asked a question while another person tried to push the arm down. A strong response, where the arm resisted being pushed down, meant a positive or “Yes” response. If the second person could push the arm down easily, a negative or “No” was indicated.

As the use of muscle testing evolved, people learned how to employ it themselves to get a more subtle response from their body. This is much preferred over having someone push your arm down while you’re standing in the produce section of a grocery store debating on which bananas to purchase!

Some of the current muscle testing techniques include:

  1. Feeling yourself leaning slightly toward or away from an item which you’re considering purchasing.
  2. Pushing your index finger down with your middle finger to get a strong or weak response as with the arm test.
  3. Visualizing a toy balloon rising or falling to indicate a positive or negative response.
  4. Using a scale of one to ten, asking yourself how good something would be for you.

There are many other ways to get an answer from your body with muscle testing. When you use this technique regularly, it becomes a natural part of your decision-making process for determining healthy choices.

Applying Muscle Testing for a Healthier Lifestyle

You can use muscle testing in any area where you need help deciding which option is best for you.

Buying Food

  • Not all organic produce is of the same nutritional quality or safety. Use muscle testing to decide which head of lettuce, tomato or mango to purchase.
  • Packaged, processed foods can have a dizzying number of ingredients that make it hard to know how good or bad they are for you. Use your favorite technique as you walk through the aisles to make the best selection.
  • When dining out, use muscle testing to determine how healthy an entree will be for you.

Incorporating Exercise

  • If you’re planning to start a new exercise program, use muscle testing to discover which one to which your body will respond best.
  • Use your favorite technique each day to learn which area of your body is in the most need of attention.
  • Prevent muscle strains, dehydration and overuse injuries by muscle testing when to stop an exercise routine or how hard to push yourself.

Enhancing Mental Health

  • Use muscle testing in a bookstore to discover what book would be a healthy challenge for your brain.
  • Test each TV show you plan to watch to get a sense of whether it will be a relaxing way to spend your time or just make you angry or anxious.
  • When combined with meditation, muscle testing can help you get to the root of your frustration with a particular person or event so you can focus your attention on clearing that energy from you.

The great thing about muscle testing is that the more you use it, the more natural it becomes. It takes a fraction of a second to make a healthy decision in any of these situations. As your body responds to your healthy choices, it will work with you to refine those choices so that you are always making the best decision for your body and mind.

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