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What we eat, we become. Mindfulnessof our eating habits not only improves personal nutrition but also deepens our understandingof where food comes from, and how these sources impact greater sustainability.

We’d like to share this beautiful short animation by the“Cultivate a Better World” campaign (run by Chipotle restaurant) all about theorigins of our food. This 3-minute viral video is haunting and lovely and willencourage you to view organic foods in a new light:

We love this campaign because it touches upon threerecurring themes here at Mind Fuel Daily:

  1. Compassion: In addition to nutritional factors, theelement of compassion plays a huge role in many people’s decisions to becomevegan or vegetarian.
  2. Consciousness: The opinions of others may impact ourlives but we can always use mindfulness and self-reflection to determine ourown personal moral values.
  3. Personal Power: Even if we can’t change the world rightaway, we must realize that it is within our power to develop positive momentumthrough individual action.

How does this video encourage your own food philosophy? Wouldyou be more likely to buy local and organic after watching? Leave your answerin the comments below.


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