Mindfulness, Enlightenment, Direction, and Other Benefits of Meditation

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There is a classic Zen saying that goes – you should spend twenty minutes in meditation each day, unless you are too busy… then you should spend an hour.

We all know how busy life can get – but finding even a small window of time for meditation each day can greatly benefit our health of body, mind and spirit. Meditation doesn’t need to be a complicated ritual, either.

Anyone can begin on the path by simply closing their eyes, breathing deeply, and concentrating on qualities such as peace, stillness, or compassion. Over time we can learn to observe the mind as it wanders, realizing that our greatest fears are just illusions and our greatest abilities are waiting just below the surface of consciousness.

Here are ten positive qualities of regular meditation practice:

M – Mindfulness: We awaken to the reality of each and every moment.

E – Enlightenment: We come to understand the world, and our place within it.

D – Direction: We come to know our deepest purpose and reason for living.

I – Insight: We learn about our true nature, our fears, our hopes, and our abilities.

T – Tranquility: We return within to find the peace we need every day.

A – Acceptance: We acknowledge and rejoice in the present moment.

T – Truth: We come to value authenticity in our thoughts and actions.

I – Inner balance: We find our medium between the warrior and the dove.

O – Oneness: We come to realize we are part of something larger than ourselves.

N – Namaste: We begin recognizing the divine spark within every being

The journey of meditation can begin whenever you want it to. The only set rule is to have compassion and patience with yourself as you practice, trusting in the slow but steady path on which you rise.

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