Snack time is a great time to recharge the body between meals. And when a snack balances nutritional value with low calorie content, the result is a light, fulfilling energy boost that won’t weigh you down.

We’d love to hear your favorite low-cal snack choices in the comments below… and now we’re sharing our ten go-to foods for anytime, feel-good munching.

1. Banana. Tropical taste? Check. Packed with potassium? Double check. Biodegradable wrapper? Triple check. Under 100 calories? You guessed it – check.

2. Half cup of lima beans. These chewy green morsels are low-fat, low-cal, and peppered with protein to boost energy.

3. One cup of baby carrots. Bright colors and crunchy texture make a satisfying snack choice. For added flavor, pair with a couple teaspoons of hummus.

4. Half cup of walnuts and dried cranberries. This savory-sweet blend is perfect for recharging while on-the-go, morning or afternoon. Great mix of crunchy and chewy.

5. One cup of strawberries (with a tiny bit of cool whip). Berries and cream are a win-win combination. Just the right amount of tart and smooth, with a calorie count to make you smile.

6. A handful (or two) of pistachios. Low calorie goodness – plus you’ll burn a few calories cracking them open.

7. Egg whites on whole wheat toast. A great lift for in-between breakfast and lunch, this combo gives just enough protein and carbohydrate goodness without slowing you down.

8. Your Smoothie, your pick. With plenty of recipes and even more benefits, you can surely find a mix that suits your palette.

9. Apple slices and peanut butter. Get back to childhood with this basic, yummy, and wholesome one-two combo. Add raisins, and make it a real adventure.

10. One cup of garlic seasoned steamed vegetables. It doesn’t get any simpler than steamed greens, with a touch of garlic seasoning for extra flavor.