Lessons From the Ocean

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Big and blue and oh so beautiful, the ocean has been captivating hearts and minds since the dawn of time. It has been the inspiration for art, literature, and all sorts of scientific discoveries. No matter where we are in life, many of us like to retreat to the ocean for peace, direction, and guidance. The ocean has so much to teach us!

Read on to learn what lessons we can glean from this stupendous body of water. 

Make Your Voice Heard

There’s no going near the sea without hearing it first. The ocean’s waves create an endless soundtrack and all that roaring and crashing only adds to its stunning presence. The ocean has no shame in being noisy and making itself heard, neither should you!

Keep Moving  

The ocean is eternally restless and refuses to sit still. It is more calm some days than others, but no matter the weather, its waves are always rolling and the current is always flowing. The ocean’s waters never stay in the same spot for too long. Be inspired by the ocean’s energy and remember to always keep moving in the direction that your heart takes you. 

Embrace Change

 The ocean’s waters come in and out of shore each and every day, creating tides that rise and fall. This ebb and flow is determined by the gravitational pull of the moon. The ocean doesn’t resist the pull of forces greater than itself; it understands that constant change is simply part of life. Learn to be like the ocean and give in to the changes that come your way.

The ocean knows how to just be. It is wild and wonderful and makes a joyous ruckus. It never apologizes. Tap into your inner ocean and give in to its waters.

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