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Lessons From The Night

Lessons From The Night

No matter where you live, each of us has to contend with the night. All the electricity in the world won’t change the fact that come sunset, the day is gone and the sky transforms. It is no surprise that humans have long told stories about this special time, enraptured by its mystery while also frightened by its blackness.

Modern science means that we now have a pretty good understanding of the nighttime: we don’t need to explain it with legends or folktales. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from the night. Check out these vital lessons that apply even today.

Take Time To Rest


After many hours of working and playing, nighttime signals that it’s time to leave the day behind us. Then sun has retired, and so must we. Of course, you might be a natural night owl, ready to go as soon as sun disappears! But no matter your personal schedule, the idea that we must set aside time to rest is essential to our wellbeing. It’s a concept we can apply to our daily routines and to our lives as whole. Take a break, turn off your mind, and let yourself dream.

There is Beauty in Darkness

lessons from the night sky

The absence of sunlight means that nighttime was once a time of terror. Humans literally couldn’t see, and so we associated the night with bleakness, fear, and the unknown. Many of us still do! But with the moon shining and the stars sparkling, who can deny that the night also boasts its own unique beauty? No matter how black or frightening the darkness, there is always a little bit of splendidness we can draw light from.

The Sun Always Comes Out

Sun Night

When we are eagerly anticipating tomorrow, the night can seem as if it lasts forever. Lying in our beds, waiting for the minutes to tick by, the dark can feel overwhelming, even lonely. But no matter what, the sun always comes back. This is a lesson we would do well remember during difficult times: no matter how dark our lives may seem, things will change, and we’ll eventually see the light again.

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