Lessons From the Moon

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The moon never ceases to fill humans with amazement. Gazing up at the night sky, who is not drawn to its dreamy light? While technological advancements have revealed so much on the nature of this celestial wonder, the moon continues to inspire far beyond the realms of science. Read on to see what the moon can teach us for living life here on earth.  

This Too Shall Pass

The phases of the moon are called phases for a reason. Because of its rotation and position, the moon never looks same and is constantly entering a different stage. Let the moon’s fickleness serve as a reminder of life’s changing nature. Know that everything you experience will pass, both the highs and the lows. The trick is learning to stay bright through it all.

Keep Spinning

The moon appears to hang still in the sky, a stationary orb that awakens each night and fades at dawn. But this is only just appearances. We know from science that the moon is constantly rotating! Be like the moon. Understand how important it is to keep going and to continue spinning in the direction that life pulls you. After all, moving is the only way you’ll make the journey.

Life Is Full Of Beginnings

The moon begins a new cycle approximately every 29.5 days. It enters through its various phases only to start everything all over again. The moon’s continuous rebirth is a reflection of how often life grants us new beginnings. Like the moon, we enter new phases and cycles all the time, each one full of beauty and promise.  

Imperfection Is Beautiful

Have you ever seen a photo of the moon? Its surface is full of craters, rough patches, and it is nothing but dry terrain. You’d think this would paint a dreary picture. And yet the moon always looks stunning in the night sky. Imperfections and all, the moon’s surface is what draws people in admiration. Remember the moon and realize that what you perceive to be flaws may be what others are drawn towards. 

Shine Bright

Reflecting the sun, the moon offers us a light in the dark and illuminates our surroundings. No matter how black the night seams, it continues to shine on. The moon represents hope and the importance of staying bright no matter how dark everything is. Like the moon, draw from whatever light source you can. Be a beacon for others.

The next time you gaze up at the night sky, think of these deeper lessons that the moon offers.  

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