Lessons From Gardening

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Gardens serve so many purposes; we use them to grow food, to cultivate beauty, and to immerse ourselves in the outdoors. But no matter your end for goal your garden, there is something delightful about its creation. To watch a tiny seed quietly grow into something new is an inspiring process, one which mirrors our own journeys through life!

Whether you have a big sprawling plot or a small box just outside your window, your patch of soil and seeds can teach you so much. We’ve harvested a few of gardening’s most valuable lessons.

TLC is Required

A proper garden takes love and care. It needs planting, watering, fertilizing, monitoring, and so much more! You could throw some seeds in the dirt and see what happens, but don’t expect a flowering paradise to bloom in its place. Our own hearts are like gardens: in order for them to flourish, we must treat them with tenderness and invest in their wellbeing.

Weeds Happen

Anyone with a garden or lawn knows about weeds, those invasive plants that take up space and compete with your flowers for nutrients! They’re no fun to pull up, but weeds are like any other problem in life: they’re simply a part of the process. Of course, not all weeds are harmful, just like some problems aren’t as bad as they initially seem.

Growth Takes Time

Flowers don’t pop up over night; the progression from a tiny little seed to a fully blossomed plant is a slow one. In the meantime, you just have to wait and tend to your garden as best you can. Personal growth is very much the same way. We can’t expect to have all the answers or work out every issue immediately. There is so much in life that simply takes time and careful observation.

Every Flower and Plant is Different

Some plants fight pests. Others need a certain amount of sun. And others will only bloom once a year. Every vegetable and flower is a little different, and every species of plant comes with its own set of unique characteristics and special needs. Our gardens are healthiest when learn how cater to those needs. Same with us humans!  Every one of us is different, and we can help one another when we honor everyone’s unique differences and individual needs.

Enjoy What Blooms

For all the hard work that you put into your garden, remember to enjoy what grows in its place! Whether it’s vegetables that you can cook for supper or flowers that attract hummingbirds, gardens, like life, are meant to be cherished. Enjoy life like you would your own beautiful garden.

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