When you stop and think about it, elevators are pretty amazing. One moment you’re on the ground and the next you’re soaring into the sky. We take it for granted, yet it’s nothing short of a wonder.

But for all their mechanical might, elevators are also pretty good metaphors for life. Read on to learn these surprising but relevant lessons from riding in an elevator.

Let Folks On

If someone was trying to join you in an empty elevator, you wouldn’t put your hand out and say “STOP!” right? Indeed, isn’t is instinct to hold the door when someone’s scrambling to make it on? Treat people as you would on the elevator: always welcome new riders and new opportunities. You never know who or what will come along!

It’s Okay To Say No

That being said, sometimes the elevator is stuffed to capacity. There’s no way you can fit anyone else. No big deal right? Same in real life. Sometimes someone or something will come along and it’s just not the right time. And that’s okay. Life is as much about turning down the stuff we can’t handle or don’t have emotional room for as it is about letting good things in.

Be Kind, Even When It’s Hard

Ever hold the elevator for someone and they don’t acknowledge you? Not even a nod or “thank you? You may be tempted to yell, “You’re welcome.” But why bother? Maybe that person’s just in a rush, spaced out, or having a hard day. Similarly, there will be times in life when kindness and patience will feel unrewarding. But what matters is that you try. Wouldn’t you rather be the person who holds the door than the one who walks on by?

Take People Up or Down

Elevators have two distinct directions: up or down. We also have the ability to take people up or down with our attitudes, and that includes ourselves. We can lift others up and help them be their best self. But if we’re not careful- if we’re unkind or selfish-we can also bring them down. Opt to be the person that elevates others, that helps them ascend to their greatest heights.

Stop And Let Folks Off

Even though elevators go up and or down, they also do one other vital thing: they stop!  It’s nice to let folks into our elevators. But if we’re riding with someone we can’t get along with or who hurts us in some way, we have the ability to stop and just let them off.

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