Lessons From a Tree

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Trees exude and embody a special energy we sometimes take for granted. They cleanse the air we breathe, gifting us with pure oxygen as they drink in the carbon dioxide we exhale. They have much to teach us; consider these key lessons from a tree:

1. Stand Tall and Strong

With silent but undeniable confidence, trees grow taller and stronger each year, extending their trunk and branches ever upward toward the heavens. Remember to stand tall and proud in who you are as well.

2. Be Flexible

Trees are flexible and adaptable in a variety of conditions, from blistering cold winters to searing summer sun to occasional stormy winds. Trees and their branches can bend and not break in some fairly extreme conditions. Develop this same flexibility in yourself; bend and adapt to changing conditions, and don’t be afraid to go out on a limb once in awhile!

3. When Reaching for the Stars, Stay Grounded

Trees have an uplifting yet grounded energy. This is because even as they are reaching ever upward toward greater heights of achievement, they always remain grounded and secure with a root system that’s often as large as they are. Continue to reach for the stars in your own life, but always remember to stay grounded and connected with your roots.

4. Grow a New Layer Every Year

Trees are known for adding a new tree ring to their trunk each year, and you can tell how old a tree grew to be by counting the rings. Strive to add a new ring or layer of achievement to yourself each year. Explore a new skill, do something you’ve always wanted to do, or go somewhere unfamiliar; become multi-layered, like the tree.

5. Draw Nourishment From All Around You

Trees drink in water from deep within the earth as well as during long rains. They extend their leaves and branches to the sunlight and fresh air all day, drawing in nourishment, and they gather nutrients and minerals from the soil below them. They cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with the wildlife all around them. Are you drinking in all the nourishment that life has to offer.

6. Embrace Each New Season

Each new season has its own special features and qualities, and trees are experts at embracing each one for what it is. Be like the tree and enjoy the rebirth and renewal of spring, the growth and relaxation of summer, letting go of the past (leaves) in autumn, and resting and renewing yourself during the winter.

Trees bring a stately elegance wherever they grow, and we’re lucky to share the planet with them. Remember these six lessons from the tree and start living a more enriched, grounded and uplifting life.

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