Keeping Your Crystals Clean to Enhance Their Performance

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Each of your crystals vibrates at a specific frequency. Not only do they emit vibrations that you can pick up on to promote healing, they will take on the energy of its surroundings. This can reduce the effectiveness of your crystals. Periodically cleaning and recharging them restores them to their natural strength. Here are some easy ways to maintain your crystals so they will be at their best when you need them.

Intention-Based Crystal Management

The more you feel connected with your crystals, the better they perform for you. Set aside time to do the crystal cleaning and do a brief meditation to focus your attention on the crystals. If you will be cleaning several crystals, place them side by side in front of you, thank them for working with you, and clean each one individually.

Fire Cleansing

Passing your crystals through the flame of a candle briefly will reset the vibration of the crystals. The flame has a purging effect and will transform any stale energy in the crystal into energy that you can use.

Smudge and Incense

Burning white sage or incense creates a cleansing effect on your crystals. During your meditation, pass the crystals through the smoke of the sage or incense. Turn the crystals around so all sides are touched by the smoke. The unwanted energy in the crystal is carried up by the smoke to the Universe for transformation into helpful energy.

Running Water

Holding crystals under running water “washes” the stale energy from it. Filtered water from a faucet will work or get a small water feature that sits on your desk. It’s important that the water be moving. If your crystals sit in still water, the water becomes infused with the stale energy and your crystals don’t get recharged. If you prefer to allow your crystals to sit in water, place them in a clear glass bowl full of water and set it in the sunlight. The sun will carry away the stale energy and charge up your crystals.


Many people allow their crystals to sit inside on a window sill in the moonlight. You can also put them outside in the evening where the moon can shine on them. The soft vibrations of the reflected light from the moon gently cleans and recharges crystals.

Using Other Crystals

You can place crystals to be cleaned on a bed of other crystals. Clear quartz and citrine are often use to clean and recharge other crystals. Remember to clean the quartz and citrine after you have used them to clean the other crystals. You can use any of the above methods to clean those crystals, including setting them on a bed of quartz and citrine crystals.

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