Some people develop a meditation routine that they do at a set time during the week. If you’re one of those people, then you are only getting partial benefit from your meditation. With some practice, you can integrate mindfulness meditation into your daily activities. Once you’ve accomplished this, you’ll take the energy of your meditation with you wherever you go and in any task. Here is how to create a daily habit of doing mindfulness meditation.

Stepping Out of Your Routine

If you’re used to meditating in a quiet place in your home, it will take a little practice to be able to hold that space while out among people. Find a park-like setting for this exercise. A place with a few people in it is a good spot in which to practice this meditation.

  1. Find a place to sit in the middle of the area so you have the park and its activity all around you.
  2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. This exercise starts with the eyes closed so as not to overwhelm your senses.
  3. Now place your attention out in front of you and notice all of the sounds from the people, animals, and the wind through the leaves in the park.
  4. Slowly move your attention around in a circle to your right side and notice the sounds that come from that direction.
  5. Continue moving your attention around in a circle to behind you and to the left of you, then back to the front.
  6. Now let yourself become aware of all of the activity around you at once while focusing on yourself at the center of the activity. Repeat to yourself: “I am here and out there is the world around me.”
  7. Stay focused on yourself while being aware of the sounds around you.
  8. Shift your focus from yourself to the activity around you and back again until you can do so fluidly.
  9. Now open your eyes and repeat the exercise with the eyes open.

The goal of this exercise is to be able to consciously find yourself within the hectic world around you. Once you’ve achieved this, you can use this type of mindfulness meditation to relax and develop focus in any situation.

Practicing This in Your World

When you can do this with your eyes and ears tuned into your surroundings, you can experiment with it in various settings, such as:

  1. While sitting at your desk at work.
  2. While on the bus on the way home.
  3. While in the grocery store.
  4. While waiting in the doctor’s office.

With this technique integrated into your life, you can calm yourself, reduce stress and pain, and regain focus in a situation where you begin to feel overwhelmed. The act of focusing on yourself while out in the world lets you direct your energy to yourself at those times when you need it most.