Inspiring Thought About Time And Achievement

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None of us will live forever. There is a finite amount of time we spend on this earth, and all that matters at the end of the journey is how we spent that time. Did we do the things we loved, with the people we cherished? Or did we pursue someone else’s agenda, neglecting our own potential and promise? American psychiatrist and writer M. Scott Peck once said, 

“Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time.
Until you value your time, you won’t do anything with it.”

How right he is. Life is a wild and short adventure – too short to spend following someone else’s dreams.

We need to make the time to find out what’s important to us.

We need to take the first steps closer towards what we want to become.

We need to spend our time wisely, realizing the present moment is all we have.

And we need to value the time of others, just as we value our own.

What do you love to do? And are you closer to doing it today than you were yesterday? If not, it could be the perfect time to reanalyze how you’re spending your life, and make the change for the better.

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