The poet Rumi once wrote – if we do everything else but that one thing, we will be lost… and if we do nothing else but that one thing, we will have lived a glorious life.

In response to these words, spiritual writer Mary Anne Radmacher also composed a poem – and the resulting lines have become a modern day mantra for spiritual seekers and life adventurers from all backgrounds:

walk to the edge.

listen hard.

practice wellness.

play with abandon.


choose with no regret.

continue to learn.

appreciate your friends.

do what you love.

live as if this is all there is.

Our life is happening right before our eyes. With small steps we can start to awaken and arise to the potential within each moment. More than surviving each day, we too can begin to live with intention, moving through every doorway with renewed energy and optimism.

It can happen at any time… and the best way to get there is to focus on what “one thing” helps us lose ourselves completely in the flow of life.