Inner Peace: A tool of Happiness

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Inner peace is the state of mind where we feel spiritually at ease and mentally at peace even while facing troubling times or events. Our inner peace becomes a tool we use to diffuse the world around us.

Do you feel that others destroy your inner peace? Do you feel dragged in by the current of negative people? Do you feel as though you are drowning in chaos?  Inner peace is a fragile creation, and sometimes we allow others to destroy it. The goal is constantly defend our inner peace from the action of others?

Building A Sanctuary

Inner peace is a frame of mind. It is also a place where we go to be who we are in total freedom. Inner peace is something that we build like a sanctuary. It is based upon core understanding of who we are and for what we stand. This is a place from which we draw power. Power to overcome challenges and to fuel our growth. To preserve inner peace means deflecting other people’s drama. 

Remember that the actions of others must be owned solely by them. You own no part of that debt. Their actions should not affect you. By not taking ownership of other people’s actions or situations, you gain peace. When we allow the action of others to destroy our inner peace, we are paying the price for their actions. 

Mantra as a Tool to Preserve Inner Peace

You can physically and mentally keep people and their drama at bay. 
A good tool is to develop a mantra — a little saying that helps you remember who you are and for what you stand. 

Take a deep breath and find your inner self. Repeat any mantra you feel connected to. For example

  • I am me. I am me. I am me. 
  • Peace. Peace. Peace.
  • Peace comes from within

Find peace and in so doing you will fin happiness too. 

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