I Decided to Re-train My Brain with Games

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By Chip Tolaney

When we are growing up we get enough mental exercise to keepthe brain engaged and develop cognitive skills. For most people same is nottrue as we grow older and become fairly set in our routines. Though, no one route to mentalwellness is perfect, but if you’relooking for an accessible way to get started, you might give Lumosity a try.

Few months ago I stumbled upon lumosity.com,  (you’ve probably seen their Youtube and TV commercials). Quick, fun and intelligent set ofexercise (games) is now part of my morning ritual on most days. Three reasonswhy Lumosity deserves a serious consideration

  1. Quick
    Like every person I’ve ever met, I seem to never have enoughhours in the day. And despite efforts to invest in my creative time andpersonal development, sometimes I only have 10-15 minutes of down time in asingle workday. Fortunately, Lumosity can work with that.
  2. Fun and Intelligent
    While graphs and percentage charts (science behind them) arepart of Lumosity’s programs, I liked that most of the actual games are lighterin spirit and easy to dive in to. 
  3. Track Results
    Lumosity stores all scores, times and other statistics togive you a comprehensive look at how much you’ve improved (or declined) incertain areas.

Overall I discovered that, at least for me, small changesevery day can lead to eventual results, just like other exercises such as yogaand meditation – you must nurture all the parts of your being.

We reached out to Lumosity with a request for a discountcode for our readers and they were gracious to offer 20% OFF the subscription (use code MINDFUEL20) through the end of 2013.

Simply head over to www.lumosity.comand enter code MINDFUEL20


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