How To Use A Gemstone Roller

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You meditate with them, set intentions with them, and use them as lucky tokens. But did you know gemstones can be incorporated into a beauty routine?

Enter the gemstone roller!

Gemstone rollers may seem like a new trend, but they’re actually inspired by traditional Chinese medicine and beauty regimens. Gemstone rollers utilize the technique of lymphatic massage, which clears away toxins and increases blood flow. When you massage your face with a gemstone roller, you decrease puffiness, reduce redness, get rid of dark circles, and rejuvenate tired-looking skin. The fact that the roller is made of gemstone makes the massage feel extra luxurious!

While jade rollers are the most popular type, you can also find them in rose quartz. Jade in particular has long been used in beauty rituals, and there is evidence that Chinese women were using jade rollers as far back as the 7th century! As a gemstone, jade is said to attract abundance, inspire good luck, lower stress, and rebalance your qi energy.

The best of all? Even though rollers can make a huge difference for your skin, they’re actually very easy to use. 

How To Use A Gemstone Roller

  1. After washing your face, apply a simple serum or moisturizer. Jade rollers also work great on sheet masks.  
  2. Take your gemstone roller and gently roll it up from the base of your neck towards your chin.
  3. Once you’ve massaged the neck, continue onto the jawline and move the roller up along your cheeks and outwards towards your ears.
  4. End with the forehead, bringing the roller from your eyebrows to your hairline.
  5. As you massage with your roller, always use motions that move upward and out.
  6. When you’re done with your roller, wipe it off with a clean cloth. You can keep it stored in the fridge for an extra cooling sensation!

That’s it! Ready to start rolling? 

Pictured above: Buddha Groove Gemstone Massage and Facial Rollers

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