Make Friendships Count In the Present

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No matter how hard we stress over being “perfect” friends, the nature of life is that friendships will always come and go. The things, places, and people we experience today may change by tomorrow – so all we can really do is live fully, in love and gratitude, for the people who surround us this very moment. 

There is a beautiful quote from the Dalai Lama that illustrates this idea:

Old friends pass away, new friends appear.
It is just like the days.

An old day passes, a new day arrives.

The important thing is to make it meaningful:,
a meaningful friend – or a meaningful day.

The path of a friendship often mirrors the sun’s arc. We watch it rising; we watch it setting. Sometimes we must watch good friendships fade. Other times we are warmed by the arrival of a bright new person in our lives. And if we are really lucky, we travel together the entire path, shining at the same time on our journey.

Try to see your own friendships in the context of a new day arriving and passing. Have no sorrow for past friendships – they help shape our future. Have no worry about the friendships of today, they are here for a reason. Have no fear about making friends in the future, we will greet them when the time is right.

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