How To Keep Your Brain Sharp At Any Age

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Kurtis Wilcox
Kurtis Wilcox is a young journalist and yoga enthusiast who likes writing articles that cover self-improvement and spirituality related topics. He has written numerous articles and contributed to several other blogs. When he is not writing, he enjoys spending time on the beach with his family.

As people get older, their brain functions start to slowly fade away, and it’s not uncommon to hear someone having difficulty to remember simple things. It happens that people walk in the kitchen in the quest for something and totally forget what were they looking for.

One thing is for sure: memory doesn’t have to decline if you’re getting older. These issues usually happen to people who don’t train their mental functions. That’s the reason why you should read the rest of this text and learn how to keep your mind sharp and memory reliable regardless of your age.

Get enough air

Older people tend to spend most of their time inside the house, and that kind of behavior can negatively affect their brains. In order to work without issues, the brain needs a lot of oxygen. With that in mind, make sure to get out every day for at least an hour to breath and stretch your body. If you have difficulties moving, make sure your windows are opened most of the day so you can get the gas your brain needs the most.

Engage in physical activity

Your bloodstream is transporting oxygen to the brain and it is very important that you engage your heart. The heart is the pump which will work better if trained, so make sure to do some exercises on regular basis in order to keep it healthy. If you manage to engage your heart enough, your brain will earn some benefits as well since it will receive more oxygen. Of course, make sure to remain safe while exercising because you don’t want injuries. Keep it simple but regular.

Train your brain

One of the best ways to improve your memory and overall mental functions is to play different games. You can engage in games such as bridge and crosswords, or you can try assembling 500-piece jigsaw puzzles. There are numerous board games which can keep your mind sharp and Scrabble is one of the most effective ones.

Besides these modern board games, it would be great to try playing an ancient one. Games such as chess can provide you with many mental benefits and you should learn to play regardless of your age. Just a couple of chess games daily will improve your memory and analytical thinking, and you’ll feel more focused and awake. Chess is a great game because you’re also competing against another brain, so you can learn different ways of thinking.

Repetition is necessary

While trying to keep your memory on a high level, you’ll need to put some effort to repeat new information. You can do it by saying it loudly or writing it down. Both strategies have their own benefits, so feel free to practice them alternately. For example, if you’ve just met someone and they introduced themselves, try to use their name in the next sentence. This will help you to engage in warm and sincere conversation and will improve your memory as well.

Use all your senses

While learning new stuff, it is highly recommended that you engage all your senses. It looks like our brain likes when all its resources are used, and doing so will improve its functioning. You can exercise your senses in every new situation.

For example, while waiting for your dish in the restaurant, look around, try to imagine the personality below people’s clothes and gestures. Feel the table with your hands, and once the dish is in front of you, make sure to smell it in order to recognize as many ingredients as you can.

Final thoughts

Keeping healthy brain and sharp mind in older age is not just possible, but highly recommended as well. If your brain is active regardless of your age, you’ll have an opportunity to live a much better and fulfilled life. People will still be interested in what you have to say and will be happy to spend time with you. That’s the reason why you should always keep learning new stuff and exercising your memory.


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