Life is pretty basic, when we eliminate the extra stuff that holds us back from happiness. Instead of worrying about how to create the “perfect” existence, here are five simple ways to realize that what we already have in front of us is pretty extraordinary.

1. Go with the flow. Take life as it comes, and move with the rhythms of nature. Satisfaction comes when we learn to “dance to the music of life” (as the old philosophers would say!).

2. Take nothing for granted. Try to realize that every moment is a miracle. And no, we don’t mean that in a wishy-washy sense; think of all the series of improbable events that have led you to this moment, here and now. You have a unique chance to positively impact the people who surround you, and the chance will not come twice.

3. Celebrate the small things. Think of every smile as a gift from one human being to another. Think of sunshine as a blessing from the universe. Take every small thing you like about your day and put it into the grander context!

4. Be happy with who you are. This means simply: stop trying so hard to impress others. You are fine the way you are. Instead of constantly seeking out things to improve about yourself, find the things within you that are already pretty great, and not in need of improving.

5. Be kind to everyone you meet. Plato once said that it is important to treat everyone with kindness, as we are each of us fighting a hard battle. Be satisfied knowing that everyone you encounter is simply doing the best they can.