Sometimes when you’re feeling shy, it can feel very much like being in a shell. You don’t want to stay in it forever, but it does give a feeling of safety and security. And then, when the moment is just right, you emerge from the shell, brighter and better than ever.

This inspirational video tells the story of Harry – who, as the narrator explains, was once very, very shy. He didn’t fit in so he learned to hide, to become invisible. And then, through theatre and dance, Harry found his true voice, and emerged from behind the walls of protection to become who he was ultimately meant to be.

It’s a great clip – full of color, movement, and slow motion paint splashes – and it shows just how powerful one person’s actions can be. Without ever speaking a word, Harry teaches us to free ourselves from shyness.

His advice?

  1.  Know that you are not alone. There are many people out there who feel exactly the same way you do.
  2. Find a passion. Follow the path that gives you confidence and strength (in Harry’s case, the performing arts). Use the path to emerge into the world.
  3. Share your story. Once you become yourself fully, find a way to show others how to do the same. Be a light for others to follow!

Thanks, Harry, for the inspirational message.