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If you’re hovering at the edge of the unknown, now is the perfect moment to jump forward – even if you aren’t sure you can fly. Here are three thoughts to jump-start new ideas and positive movements in your existence.

Dive in – if we wait for the perfect moment to try something new, odds are that moment will never come. Strange as it seems, the only way to be more comfortable in our abilities is to purposefully make ourselves uncomfortable, so that we are forced to expand beyond old limits. There is a saying – the cave you fear holds the treasure you seek. Do what makes you afraid, because that’s how we become great.

Take chances –rewards in life are directly proportionate to the risks we take. That doesn’t always mean we have to jump out of airplanes or traverse the wilderness ­– but it can mean that we might need to risk revealing our most vulnerable selves, abandon our deepest fears and attachments, and trust completely in the voice within that calls out – hey, there’s something worth trying for here, let’s keep going.

Embrace missteps – even when we bravely thrust our sincerest hopes and efforts into the universe, we may still come up short. People might not respond the way we had hoped, results may fall far from where we wished to see them. But disappointment is all right – beneficial, even – because there is no such thing as failure when we view each failure as a stepping stone to eventual success.  

Never abandon the dream that speaks to you from within. Approach the point at which you see your hopes for what they are (dangers and all), and trust in the experience of falling to discover how beautifully you can move through the air.

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