When things don’t go your way, it’s all too easy to just throw in the towel and succumb to guilty pleasures (binge-watching anyone?). But before you settle in on the couch, here are a few ways to generate positive energy when you’re feeling blocked or discouraged.

Try A Mood-Boosting Activity

Take a walk, stretch, or make yourself a good meal. Anything that is proactive and engages your senses in a mindful manner will generate positive vibes. You’ll feel less powerless and more productive.

Notice Your Thoughts And Change Them

Pay attention to your inner monologue. Is it frustrated? Self-defeating? Hopeless? Cut off negative thinking to keep your mood from spiraling. Instead, when you notice yourself getting caught up in such thoughts, focus for a moment and breathe in through your nose for 10 counts.

Do A Positive Meditation

Take a moment to concentrate on something calm and beautiful. Go somewhere private, be still for three minutes, and as you sit, try to imagine the most picturesque place possible. You can envision a sunset, a waterfall, or a favorite destination.

Acknowledge Your Power

Remember that you have the ability to take care of yourself and influence your life for the better (even though it doesn’t always feel like it). Say an empowering affirmation, such as “I am strong” or “I have control over my life” to reclaim your sense of autonomy.

Cut Off Any Negative Influences

Is a friend dragging you down? Are you spending too much time on energy-draining social media? Eliminate those negative aspects of your life. While we can’t always completely cut out unpleasant influences, we can draw healthy boundaries and give ourselves a few moments of respite in our daily lives.