Through mud it rises. Through water it emerges. Through sunlight it blossoms.

The lotus flower is an ancient, mysterious, and potent spiritual symbol beloved by Greek philosophers, Roman poets, Egyptian priests, Indian royalty, and even Zen masters. Throughout time, the flower’s simplicity and elegance have been used to illustrate different truths of our existence, especially the following elements:

Compassion – colored red, the lotus symbolizes love and the heart; like the flower, the heart unfolds with time, with compassionate actions helping us blossom into our full selves.

Courage – colored yellow or orange (the color of fire and life energy), the lotus can also represent bravery and perseverance; the flower must rise through thick slime before blossoming, after all.

Mindfulness – colored blue or purple, the lotus embodies mastery of the mind and the senses; while simple in appearance, the elegant flower has a complex bio system which allows it to regulate its own temperature.

Peace – colored pink, the lotus symbolizes the peace of simply being; it floats above the waters in calm and storm alike, unaffected by what is happening beneath the surface.

Wisdom – colored white, the lotus represents purity and spiritual wisdom; the open petals symbolize the opening of the mind to become fully connected with the universe.