Huna refers to Hawaiian shamanism, an ancient system of spiritual and personal empowerment. Here is an overview of each of the seven Huna principles, along with how they can help you manifest your goals and intentions:

1. The world is what you think it is. (Ike)

This principle reminds us that “reality” is subjective; while one person might consider a plate of spaghetti their favorite meal, another might be revolted by it. Whatever meaning you give to anything is your “reality.” How might you change your life by changing your interpretation and experiences of things?

2. There are no limits; everything is possible. (Kala)

The “many worlds” theory of quantum physics postulates that all possibilities exist. Do you see your goals and dreams as within the realm of possibility? This Huna principle empowers us to know that the things we want are possible.

3. Energy flows where attention goes. (Makia)

While everything is possible, we manifest what we put our attention toward. What are you manifesting right now? What would you like to focus on instead?

4. Now is the moment of power. (Manawa)

This principle reminds us that dwelling on the past and worrying about the future is a waste of time and energy; doing so is the realm of the mind, the limited self. The timeless Now is the realm of the True Self, where transformation can happen.

5. To love is to be happy with. (Aloha)

Love, gratitude and happiness are closely intertwined, as evidenced by this principle.

6. All power comes from within. (Mana)

Blaming your problems on external sources only serves to disempower you. What is it within you that is a vibrational match for your obstacles? Take responsibility and send that part of yourself healing energy to instead resonate with the things you want.

7. Effectiveness is the measure of truth. (Pono)

While there may be universal truths, ultimately your personal truth is the intention process that works for you. Refine as you go along, and enjoy the process of creating the life of your dreams.