How Regular Meditation Can Help You Focus and Keep Your Brain Young

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Lyuthar Jacobs
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Back over 3,000 years, ancient Indian scriptures known as Vedas have given a detailed understanding of meditation activities. In spite of technological advancements and other revolutionary changes, the meditation techniques have survived globally. Perhaps, it is due to nothing else can take over the benefits of meditation.

Apart from a beauty treatment, stress reliever, and a painkiller, meditation for brain can actually add years to your lifespan. Also, it is an easy mode to slow down the ageing of your brain.

Moreover, there are many studies explaining that meditation techniques can develop your cognition and health of your brain. A study from Harvard University proves that although the benefits of meditation are associated with physical relaxation, it can also keep your brain young, if done regularly.

The research resulted that the hippocampus (a small organ located within the medial temporal lobe of human brain), which usually shrinks with age, got thicker in the volunteers who were meditating for 8 weeks, and remained unchanged in people who weren’t meditating. Moreover, this part of the brain controls memory, cognition, and the functions associated with the mindfulness of the brain. It also showed a decrease in density of the amygdala (a set of neurons located deep in the brain’s medial temporal lobe), which controls emotions, in the meditators and noted no change in non-meditators. The control over emotions helps people to be more focused and mindful in any situation.

A more recent article by The New York Times highlighted that giving close attention to the tactile sensations of your own body while meditating for just three days would provide you with many benefits of meditation. For instance, it strengthens the connection between the part of your brain which is responsible for focus and the portions that stimulate the reaction to stress and anxiety.

Benefits of Meditation

Let’s see in which areas meditation mantras can upgrade your brain’s condition:

  • Often, people worry about their past and future which further leads to over-thinking and stress. With the help of meditation, one can decrease mind-wandering and self-referential thoughts.
  • Meditation for brain is not only a stress buster but also helps in curing mental ailments like depression and anxiety. However, meditational relaxation is an active form of training for your brain.
  • Lack of concentration is not just a problem in kids, many adults are also diagnosed with this. Interestingly, one of the benefits of meditation is that with just a couple of weeks’ practice of meditation, you can get a noticeable improvement in your attention and concentration power.
  • Meditation can amazingly help you in self-controlling some regions of the brain. So, it is an effective way, if you want to get rid of any harmful addiction.

Summing up:

As you read above, meditation is a universally accepted and scientifically proven treatment for several health issues. The best part is that there’s no risks involved with it. The benefits of meditation are known from ancient times and people are still appreciating them up to a huge extent. No doubt, this art of relaxing human brain is here to stay for many more generations to come.

After reading this piece of writing, you might have got a notion of why meditation mantras are necessary for the day to day functioning of your brain and also for long-term mental health.

So, don’t wait anymore and make it a habit to treat your brain with the soothing perks of meditation on every fresh morning.

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