How Music Therapy can Naturally Relieve Anxiety and Treat Depression

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Curtis Dean
Curtis Dean writes on behalf of Sage Music School where they base lessons on the science and research of the psychology of learning. Their effective teaching methods create confident and capable students who enjoy the happiness of making music.

Music is the measure of sound to listen to the voice of your soul for the loving and knowing yourself.

What is music therapy?

 Sometimes we fail to express our self, but music helps us to express exactly what is in our heart. Music Therapy means healing with the use of music to cater to the physical, emotional, mental, cognitive and social needs of a person. A clinical and evidence-based approach is taken under music therapy. Music can be therapeutic, but Music Therapy is the delivery of music-based services and experiences by a board-certified music therapist (BCMT) with a client who has therapeutic goals and objectives.

Music therapy is quite similar to other therapies like psychotherapy, except the therapeutic modality and tools differ. But the common goal in both is to meet the needs of a patient.

The evidence for music therapy’s benefits:

Decreased Anxiety

Generally, we all have our likes and dislikes for different genres of music. This itself is proof of the connection we share with music, some songs are soothing to the ears, while some feel annoying. Anxiety is natural to everyone, and studies have proved the success of music therapy in remarkably lowering the anxiety levels by influencing the regions of the brain that manage anxiety.

Reduced muscle tension

Just as music therapists use music to address emotional, social, and physical needs of an individual, they consequently help the person to express herself in ways which are nonverbal. The tune, the rhythm, the lyrics, the voice, all help in stimulating the senses of an individual, make them comfortable in an environment of calmness, and consequently lower the heart rate and reduce the muscle tension both of which are causes of depression.

Enhanced interpersonal relationships 

The happier the person, more likely are the chances of him being friendly and good to others. With tailor-made music lessons, music therapy helps in achieving the same. When there’s a soothing rhythm being played in your head, you for a moment are likely to forget all negative things around and feel an attraction towards positivity. Good memories would come up as a refreshment, and the behavioral changes would be there for all to see. The nostalgia would help in further interaction, and a sense of happiness overall inter-personal relationships would prevail. You would find being social a normal, that is how efficient Music Therapy is.

Increased Self-esteem

Music makes you emotionally stronger. When you are stressed out due to any reasons, you tend to live more with the problem than yourself. Your real nature gets hindered due to the issues you are facing. You want to get back the real you who was different- happier, joyous, lively- and it is this process of getting back to normal which can be fastened with Music Therapy. The methods used under it help you realize your worth and prepare you for the upcoming challenges. It’ll increase your strength and resilience to make you more prepared to tackle the stress. It’ll help you overcome psychological weakness and maintain a positive opinion about yourself.

Increased Motivation

Visit any gym, and you would find people exercising while there’s some music being played in the background. While jogging, earphones are normal. The Master of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar once revealed that every time before he used to go out and bat, he would put up his earphones and listen to his favorite tracks. He says that music stimulates the motivation and helps him to go out and face the on-field challenges, and the entire world knows about his success.

The beats of a song decide the intensity of your workout. Before an exam, you shift to the genre of feel-good songs which set you free and make the feeling of “Yes, I can,” come up. Similarly, a music therapy prepares you and injects into your soul a feeling of determination and motivation for the future. Its impacts are futuristic, try it to believe it.

Successful and safe emotional release

Music is a healer, and it performs brilliantly in this aspect. It diverts your attention without you even knowing about it. Music engages you with its lyrics which you also want to sing along. While being with a music therapist, you would be trained about how to utilize and enjoy the music with the help of different activities. After doing all this, you would think if you ever had an emotional issue.

Music Therapy is like a boon. It is the only language in the world which everyone can easily understand. Much medical evidence supports how music therapy is healthy for an individual’s brain, as it stimulates the brain waves. Your wellbeing depends on you and the ways you use to achieve it. You have many things to do, so don’t get stuck on depression or anxiety. Use music therapy, take music lessons and enjoy the benefits

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