How Art Helps Us Grow

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 From the time we are young, we are encouraged to play withshapes and colors, a process that helps us grow cognitively and physically. Sowhy don’t we continue this creative process as adults? 

Art is not a thing; itis a way. (Elbert Hubbard)
A powerful Zen symbol of balance and energy is the Enso (Zencircle), represented by a single brushstroke. This philosophy mirrors the needfor creativity in our own lives, where even the simplest forms of expressioncan strike a balance against hectic daily routines.

Everything you canimagine is real. (Pablo Picasso)
All art is about creative expansion. By challenging yourselfon paper or canvas, you can grow in observation and understanding of your surroundings,enabling you to begin seeing creative solutions in other aspects of life.

Art is not what yousee, but what you make others see. (Edgar Degas)
Art also helps us connect with others – can you remembershowing off your earliest masterpieces to friends and siblings? This humanconnection never fades; especially as adults, artistic exploration helps uscommunicate in ways that surpass mere words and languages.

The painter has theUniverse in his mind and hands. (Leonardo da Vinci)
Playing with color and shape is a process that draws us awayfrom the outer world and helps us rediscover inner direction and intention.Unlike passive activities we could choose (internet, television, social media),making art gives us a small piece of the universe to shape into what we want itto be.

It is never too late (or early) to get creative. Now go graba brush and get started. 

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