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We all know that a healthy diet means more fruits and vegetables,and less red meats and processed foods. But sticking to these guidelines isoften easier said than done. The secret to developing proper eating habits isto embrace a lifestyle that is not about restricting unhealthy food, but onethat concentrates on expanding your healthy food options. Over time you willfind yourself eating better; not because you know you should, but because youprefer healthier choices.

For example: when it comes to nutrition, white is out –white rice, white flour, white sugar. Polished white rice lacks much of thenutrition of natural rice, and while brown rice is much better for your health,many people find it unappetizing. But you don’t have to give up taste to eathealthier.

Try an experiment. The next time that a recipe calls for white or brown rice try substituting Quinoa. Quinoa, a seed originating from South America is so nutritious that the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) declared 2013 to be the “International Year of Quinoa.” Quinoa offers a more complete protein, lower fat and calories, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. Quinoa is easy to prepare and tastes great.

Amaranth is a powerhouse plant that has been eaten by Aztecs for hundreds of years. It can be prepared in an almost endless array of ways. Amaranth can be cooked like a cereal, sprouted, toasted or ground into a flour. The seeds of the plant are high in protein, contains calcium and vitamins A and C. The leaves of Amaranth can be eaten like spinach for additional versatility.

Healthy diets don’t have to lack flavor – add flavor to your healthy diet with fermented vegetables. Kimchi, might be the ultimate healthy flavor booster. Kimchi is from Korea where there are dozens of traditional varieties. Cabbage kimchi is one of the most popular. This type of kimchi is made from garlic, vinegar, chilies and other spices. It is spicy and pungent great to serves as a side dish or as part of another dish. Kimchi is high in vitamins A, B and C, but the best reason to eat kimchi is because it contains Lactobacilli, which aids digestion and helps regulate the body.

Turmeric, though a spice not a food item has many benefits. An 8th century Indian text says “all poisons can be removed from the human body if treated with a paste of turmeric”. Curcuma longa is virtually indispensable in Indian cooking, besides playing a prominent role in rituals and native medicines. For cooking, the root of the plant is debarked, dried and powdered. Only a pinch of turmeric is used while cooking – for color (rather than flavor) and for its antiseptic, digestive qualities. Combined with other spices like cumin, black pepper and fenugreek, turmeric is a powerful bacteria and pathogen killer.

These are only a few of the food foods that are healthy and delicious. Try them and start eating healthier. Remember that eating healthy is important for a active life, and part of an active lifestyle is trying new things.

If you have any other suggestion, please add them below in the comments section.


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