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iPhones, tablets and other devices improve our experiencesin many ways – but we are the ones who create these experiences in the firstplace. Here are three ways to find happiness in everyday life beyond thebenefits of technology. 

  1. Cherish human connections.Having instant communication with friends and family worldwide is a remarkablegift.  In mindfulness, however, we canacknowledge that no digital interaction can surpass face-to-face contact andphysical presence with our loved ones.
  2. Treasure your abilityto think for yourself. Modern technology allows access to useful and vitalinformation that helps us solve problems and find creative answers to life’schallenges. However, this principle can make it easier to duplicate the ideasof others. We can balance the luxury of instantaneous knowledge with the virtueof thinking for ourselves, and relying on our own brainpower to be trulycreative and resourceful individuals.
  3. Learn to be happyas you are. As a rule, nothing you lack in this moment will bring yougreater happiness once you possess it. A digital device is a powerful tool, butwe should remember that it is just that – a tool. Like any other product youcan choose to add to your life, no inanimate object will make you instantlyhappy or more successful! Happiness exists far beyond the phone you carry inyour pocket.

Here is a final thought about life in the iPhone age fromLeo Babauta, author of zenhabits and mnmlst:

Think of life beforethe iPhone existed… Life might have been different, but having this devicedidn’t change the basic fundamental nature of our lives.

Our devices bring us together, help us find solutions, and manytimes, they create genuine joy in our daily experiences. Mindfulness in thedigital age is not about rejecting any of these ideas – it is simply aboutrealizing that real happiness and peace come from within ourselves, no matterhow great the impact of outside resources.

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