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Green tea is more than a relaxing drink. Here are 5 health-boosting benefits associated with this beloved tea:

  1. Skin Protection. The antioxidants present in green tea are believed to protect the skin from harmful chemical effects which cause wrinkles and other blemishes.
  2. Improved Memory. Green tea contains beneficial chemical compounds which have been shown to improve brain cell function and therefore, human memory.
  3. Vitamin C. Unlike black teas, Green tea is rich in vitamin C, an essential element in any healthy immune system. Drinking green tea is therefore thought to help prevent against cold and flu.
  4. Mental Health. Green tea contains amino acids which can help relieve stress and anxiety. Also, the process of brewing and drinking tea can be used as a calming activity to distract the mind from negative emotions.
  5. Blood Pressure. Consumption of green tea is believed to reduce blood pressure and assist in lowering cholesterol. Like any health remedy, green tea is most helpful when used as one element of an overall healthy living approach. However if you are looking for one simple place to start feeling better in body and mind, a cup of green tea could be a tastebud-pleasing place to start. 


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