Gratitude and ‘First World Problems’

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A philosophy of gratitude goes a long way in helping us feel happier and healthier in life. Yet this mindset can be more challenging than it first appears, especially if we fall into the trap of distraction created by “First World Problems.”

Basically, “First World Problems” are minor inconveniences that provoke exaggerated reactions in our stressed-out society. Here are some of the more common complaints…


I’ve lost the remote to the television and now have to change the television by hand.

I don’t have any service on my phone for the five minutes I’m in the elevator at work.

I’m trying to eat while I’m driving, but I keep hitting green lights, so I don’t have time to unwrap my food.

I poured my cereal into a bowl without realizing we didn’t have milk. Now I have to choose between funneling the cereal back into the box and eating it without milk.

I have more clothes that need hanging up than hangers to hang them on.

I just bought new shampoo, but I forgot to take it with me when I got into the shower. Now I have to get out of the shower to get it.


It’s not always easy to be grateful for things we take for granted, like warm blankets on the bed at night or the hot water in the shower, but these small blessings are things that we can choose to be thankful for, instead of ruminating on the other inconveniences created by our First World existence. There are certainly things to worry about in life, but these small annoyances aren’t among them.

Of all the weeks in the year, make this one yours to reflect on the true luxuries that surround us every day – our friends, our families, and other loved ones who make your life worthwhile. A quick inventory of the blessings in our life will almost always overshadow the stresses created by other modern day stress factors!

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