Humans by nature are social animals. We need regular contact to thrive and there’s no denying the joy that comes from being surrounded by loves ones. But every once in a while, it behooves us to stray from our packs. 

Some of us might feel self-conscious being by ourselves, especially out in public. But time spent alone is its own reward, a chance for relaxation, reflection, and peaceful solitude. Without the conversation or presence of friends or family, you can simply live in the moment and be present with yourself.   

Whether you’re comfortable with solo time or tend to avoid it, we encourage you to try the following activities alone. You will find that without the company of others these pastimes are a whole different experiences, each of which comes with its own lovely pleasures! You may even find them more enjoyable alone than with friends or family!

Go the Movies

With the cushy seats and vast dark space, there’s something wonderfully calming about movie theaters. If you’re new to spending time alone, the movies are an excellent starting place: no one will pay you any mind since they’re too occupied with what’s happening on screen. Time alone at the movies means you watch whatever film you want, eat all the popcorn you want, and laugh or cry as much as you please.

Experience Nature  

Take a stroll, take a hike, or just take a moment to sit in a lush park somewhere. Bring a journal or sketchbook to record what goes on around you. Enjoying nature alone is a chance to retreat from the hustle of daily life. Without the conversation of others, you are free to lose yourself in nature’s wonder and be awed by its beauty.

Visit a Museum

Museums are full of sights and information. When you attend an exhibition solo, you can stroll at your own pace and take a moment to read every sign and plaque. You can gaze at an object for as long as you want and you won’t feel pressured to say something “deep” about what you see. Your attention may glom onto details that you’d never notice had you been chatting with a buddy.

Take Yourself Out to Dinner

While inconceivable to some, dining alone is full of small pleasures. Think of it a luxury that you give yourself and only yourself. Order anything off the menu. Treat yourself to dessert. Order an exotic dish that a friend or partner wouldn’t dream of trying. Resist the urge to hang on your phone, and instead, listen to the people and the clatter of dishes around you. When dining alone, there’s no pressure for small talk and you are left to truly savor every last bite of your meal.

Travel Somewhere

You don’t have to take a trip across the globe. Schedule a weekend or day trip to another city or town. Traveling by yourself a is chance to plan your absolute dream itinerary for any given place and to take healthy risks (go sky diving, try a new food, wander a neighborhood you’ve never seen). Interestingly enough, traveling alone means you might meet more people than you would had you gone with a buddy, as your new solo status might push you to reach out for new company.      

Remember, being alone isn’t about being lonely. It’s about enjoying your thoughts and becoming comfortable with your whole self. The more practice you get at quality alone time, the more secure and grounded you’ll feel.