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Fueling your mind refers to more than just eating the right nutrients to promote healthy brain function. It also includes stimulating and challenging your brain so that it is better able to remain sharp and stay on task. The brain need constant stimulation and nutritional support to perform the multitude of tasks that are needed to keep the rest of the body functioning normally.

Brain Food

The brain needs constant and continual nutritional support. Foods that are high in antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids are important for healthy brain function. The brain is one of the biggest consumers of fuel within the body. It functions every second of every day, even while you are sleeping. Many professionals believe that a diet full of plant foods such as kale, broccoli and other green foods is most beneficial. Avoiding foods with artificial additives and preservatives helps to keep the brain functioning at its best.


Mental stimulation is extremely important. Challenging the mind to continually solve problems and explore new horizons helps to keep the brain on task. Brain games that challenge the brain to work differently or repeatedly in a different fashion can stimulate the brain making it better able to retain information and respond quickly during times where immediate results are needed. The brain is an organ that needs constant stimulation if it is to continue to function at its best. Whether the stimulation comes from actual activity or simulated game play, the brain functions more efficiently when it has the right forms of stimulation.

Eliminate Stress

Eliminate stress as much as possible. The brain needs both amino acids and B vitamins to function. Stress depletes B vitamins very quickly forcing the brain to pull them away from other areas of the body. This can cause severe health problems if it continues for long periods of time. Learning to deal with stress efficiently can reduce the amount of B vitamins that are wasted. There are several ways to reduce stress and help support brain function.

  • Adequate sleep – Adequate amounts of sleep (preferably 8 hours) gives the brain time to rest and recharge itself
  • Meditation – Relaxes the body and the mind and allows it to release stress that has been allowed to build during the day
  • Don’t panic! – Avoiding panic can be difficult but it can accomplished if you learn to stay focused, assess the situation and take necessary action

Fueling the mind means providing adequate nutrients as well as abundant amounts of stimulation. Providing the brain with the things it requires will help it function at its best, allowing you to think more clearly, focus on the task at hand and solve problems as they arise.


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